Charlotte McKenna

Has it sunk in that you’ve won yet?
No, not at all. I still can’t believe that I actually came fist. The other girls were so hot, why would anyone have voted for me? Actually, I keep saying to my boyfriend…

…Whoa there, lady! Boyfriend?
Yeah, I still have my boyfriend. He’s so proud of me, he couldn’t be happier about it. He’s so excited that he now goes out with Britain’s High Street Honey! And I’m not the kind of girl who’s going to run off with a footballer.

Good work, we guess. Are you acting like a princess now that you’ve won – demanding people kiss your feet and such?
No! Not at all. I’m just giggly and happy. People think that I’m going to have to act all sexy all the time now, but that would just be silly. I’m not prancing around naked - I’m shopping!

Have you said, “Don’t you know who I am!” yet?
No, that’s not me. And you can’t ask me those kinds of questions, don’t you know who I am?

Very good. We like you! Have you quit your job to go into Honeydom full-time?
Yeah! I’m going to throw myself full into my role 24-7. The job was only temping work, but it’s gone. I’m a full time Honey now!

Finally, how have you enjoyed sleeping with the Honey legends?
It was awesome. The old winners are so sweet, and so sexy – it was a pleasure to curl up in bed with them! And I actually got to pinch a load of really sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie from the shoot too. It’s unbelievably sexy, it nearly blew my boyfriend’s socks off! I’ve never seen him so happy!

Natalie Pike

Being a Honey has kind of catapulted you to TV stardom, hasn’t it?
Yes, thank you! I’m on The Price Is Right every day with Joe Pasquale on ITV1.

Dear God.
Yeah, but before then, I was at university – I graduated with a 2:1.

Did you get loads of sleazy chat-up lines from your fellow students?
Celebrities are a lot worse. A really famous reality TV star recently told me he’s had 300 wanks over me. Gross.

How do you get along with the other HSH winners? Any rivalry?
Never! In fact, we just wander around naked together, as well as showering in front of each other.

What’s the pike-iest thing you’ve done since winning?
Very clever. Probably when we go on tour. We get drinks free, then get kebabs afterwards. People are shocked to see four High Street Honeys trying to blag free kebabs at 3am…



Hayley Parsons

What’s your year been like?
I’ve spent half of it drunk! The Honeys’ cocktail is “Liquid Cocaine”, which mixes Red Bull, champagne and vodka. But it knocks me out. I’m always falling asleep on nights out – Kayleigh once put her boobs in my face when I passed out.

Do any blokes take advantage of your snoozy state?
No, they’re usually more drunk than me!

Is it difficult to date being a Honey?
No, thanks to MySpace. A guy left me a message recently, so I contacted him and we went on a few dates.

Finally, do you ever look in the mirror and think, “Mmm… I’m so incredibly dreamy?”
Never! I look at myself sometimes and think “How did you win that title?” The FHM readers all need to go to Specsavers!

Tanya Robinson

You’re our inaugural High Street Honey. Where did it get you?
My life has been one big party since then. I’ve travelled the world, bought a bar, and starred in a French film called Double Zéro where I got to kick a man in the face and say “Oui” a lot in a Yorkshire accent.

Sweet. Anything else?
I also sing in a girl group called Mrs Robinson. Our album comes out next summer and there’s a track on there about my Honey experiences, called I’m A Career Girl.

Give us a good celeb anecdote…
Shaggy came up to me at a party in Miami and said, “Come here darlin’, I’m going to take advantage of the English girl”. I went, “In your dreams, luv!” and he shagged a Russian girl instead. I also felt Carmen Electra’s bum on a photo shoot. It was nice and peachy, in case you’re wondering…

We also hear you’re fond of footballers…
Yeah – I’m currently going out with Steven Taylor from Newcastle United and we’ve just brought a pitbull puppy together. I’ve also had some wild nights out with Gazza. Recently, we ended up at the Piccadilly Circus branch of McDonald’s. It was closed, but they opened just for us. We felt like Michael Jackson!



Kayleigh Pearson

What are your highlights from the last three years, Kayleigh?
Taking part in the Gumball 3000 Rally, where I got to visit strip clubs in Prague with Caprice and had run-ins with gangsters in Budapest. I’ve also met P Diddy in Ibiza and been chatted up by 50 Cent, who told me I had a “basketball ass”.

You mean it’s round, orange and tall men like to spank it?
No! A “basketball ass” is a black girl’s bum on a white girl’s body.

What about lowlights?
I once got offered a shoot for thermal underwear! Nice.

Is there a man in your life at the moment?
Sadly, no. But I have been fond of the same sex. Women kiss much better than men. They don’t have rough beards.

Any advice for this year’s High Street Honey?
We’ll just make her drink. I really apologise to her parents because she’ll probably age five years within 12 months. God only knows how we’re all not dead by now!

Original interview by Lee Coan in the March 2007 issue of FHM UK magazine