We do worry that on FHM.com we might sometimes give you the impression that Victoria’s Secret is the only lingerie brand in the world. Every now and then we mention Jade Ewen for Ultimo or Bar Refaeli for Passionata, but generally it’s all about Victoria and her Angels. Well, today we’re throwing another name in to the mix. The name of Alyssa Miller.

Alyssa is here modelling Intimissimi lingerie. We’re not sure if someone just decided on coming up with a tongue twister of a name as part of a marketing campaign, or just threw parts of different words together or what, but we think we’ve spelt it right. We even did a Google translate to make sure we’re not degrading the Italian language and everything, but nope, it means nothing.

So it looks like to appease us they have enlisted the help of Alyssa to make us forget what the name even is:

Alyssa Miller in pink lingerie
Someone's definitely chipped the paint there...

Yup, worked on us. We’re happy, your company can be called whatever the hell it wants, if it’s got Alyssa modelling lingerie somewhere on its website then you’re on to a winner. They’d probably like us to remember the name, but that’s not how our mind works, we’ll only remember hers.

Now, is it just us or is there a little bit of Adriana Lima in Alyssa? There’s definitely something there…it’s another genius business decision: “We can’t afford Adriana Lima, so find me a look-a-like, but don't make it too obvious. Get me a Simon Cowell one too, I need someone to hand me my coat every time I leave my house.” Well you would too if you could.

Alyssa Miller in blue lingerie
Nice meeting you, not-Adriana Lima.