We at FHM believe in equality. Anyone, regardless of sex, race, sexuality, dress sense, ability at Call of Duty, should be able to do whatever they damn well please, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody or massively inconvenience our daily life. We also believe in nudity. Nudity is to be celebrated, as long as it features somebody attractive and not gross.

Amber Heard is attractive and demonstrably ungross. She is also in favour of equality. She demonstrated her support for equality by getting naked and writing stuff on herself. The video is an homage to/a rip-off of this famous Entertainment Weekly cover, which feature country singers The Dixie Chicks covered in political business after they proclaimed they were ashamed to share a home state with (then) President George W Bush.

Dixie Chicks Entertainment Weekly Cover

It could be argued Amber Heard's is better, because it's a video and it features Amber Heard. So, is getting naked and scribbling on yourself the way to really get your political message out? Yes. Yes it is.

The video was shot by Tasya Van Ree for the I Equals You project (www.iequalsyou.wordpress.com)