We know all about Candice Swanepoel. We talk about her A LOT. Sometimes, we worry that if Candice Swanepoel were to retire from wearing lingerie and looking sexy, we’d have to shut down the website or write stories about something boring. Like pigeon migration. Or coastal erosion. Luckily, you can’t really retire from wearing lingerie and looking hot. What are you gonna do, refuse to wear underwear? Newsflash, Canders: that ain’t really gonna help.

If the shoe fits...

We weren’t, however, particularly familiar with Landi Swanepoel. So imagine our excitement when we stumbled across another South African model bearing the Swanepoel name. “Sexy model sisters!” we thought. How can Candice have failed to mention this during one of our countless lengthy chats? Maybe they fell out when they were younger and Candice refuses to acknowledge her sister’s existence. Perhaps they had a big barney about a boy. Or Candice borrowed Landi’s bikini and never returned it. Maybe they just had a huge disagreement about coastal erosion and it turned into a savage catfight. A catfight in bikinis. Cats in bikinis fighting in jelly. Sometimes our imagination worries us.

Short man's big, red tongue went for the goods

Sadly, like the time we went to see Cats the musical and were convinced the sexy ginger one at the front fancied us and was giving us the eye, we’d let our imagination run away with us. Landi Swanepoel and Candice Swanepoel, despite sharing a highly unusual surname, are NOT related.

Other famous people that aren’t related include Manchester City and England defender Micah Richards and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, and drug-fuelled lunatic Charlie Sheen and white-whiskered spitfire flying captain of floor and furniture polish Mr Sheen.