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Posted by , 13 December 2010

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Today's girlfriend is Danica, which is Greek for 'morning star'. But don’t let that fool you, she’s actually from Derbyshire. She rides horses, talks on her phone when she’s driving and doesn’t like white socks. She does, however, like you. A lot. Read on to find out why…

How did we meet?
We met at a polo event. You kept looking over at me and smiled so I walked over to you. You said, “I’ve been looking at you all night. Can I buy you a drink?” And I said yes.

Did we kiss on the first night?
We didn’t, actually. Just a kiss on the cheek and we left it at that.

How long have we been dating?
We’ve been going out for about 2 months now, so it’s still fresh.

And how long was it before we slept together?
Seven weeks.

That’s quite a definite number. Was it any good?
It was everything I thought it would be and more.

How did I seduce you?
It was in the classic way - kissing all over; we had a few drinks before to lighten the mood. I think we were outside as well, next to a swimming pool.

We live near a lido - will that do? So things must still be quite interesting if we’ve only just started sleeping together?
Yeah, it’s really fun. We’ve got that feeling between us where we can’t wait to sleep together again.

Have we started to do anything to mix it up? Any outfits or heels?
We haven’t started that yet, but I’m sure we’ll experiment.

Am I the best?
By far. By miles.

Liar. What do we argue about?
I’m not used to going out with guys who women like. I can be quite jealous.

So if we bumped into my ex would that be a problem?
Not at all. I’d introduce myself, be friendly and non-threatening and just try to be nice.

Is that because you know you’re better looking?

My mates have started flirting with you. How do you react?
I’d respond in a friendly way but never step beyond the boundaries, ever.  

I’ve rolled in drunk for the third night in a row. And been sick. Am I in trouble?
Yeah, we’ve got a massive problem. I can’t deal with sick. I can deal with anything apart from sick. You can clear it up.

So will I have to clear up yours?
Yeah. Ha, sorry. I can’t even deal with my own. Double standards, I know, but at least I’m honest.

My mum’s started sticking her nose into our relationship... 
That would wind me up, but I’d talk to you about it and get you to sort it out.

Do your parents like me?
Yeah, my dad loves you. If he didn’t then I couldn’t be with you. The thing that impresses him the most is being able to adjust to new social situations. My family is reaaly normal and I’ve been out with some real la-di-dah guys. He didn’t like that.

Do we fight?
We’ve not had one - we haven’t been going out that long so it’s been okay so far.

Are you a shouter?
No, I’m silent but deadly. I do that look that can kill.

I’ve got you an ironing board for your birthday...  
Ha, I’d just have to laugh. I think that’s quite funny to be honest.

Is there anything in your room that you don’t want me to find?
I’ve got an album of an ex-boyfriend that I refuse to throw away, so I wouldn’t want you to find that.

Is our relationship just a stop-gap then?
No, if he was available I wouldn’t want him.  

Do we have any big secrets?
I’m pregnant… nah, I don’t think we’ve got any yet.

What is it you actually like about me?
I love the way you tower above me and dominate situations. I love being told what to do sometimes.

Why do you think I fancy you?
Because I’m different to the other girls you’ve met and there’s something different in my eyes.

Is there anything that you hate about me?
No, I haven’t found anything wrong with you yet.

How long do you think we’ve got?
So far so good, so who knows?


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