Did you really think we were going to let a whole day go by without mentioning anything about a Victoria’s Secret model looking ridiculously hot? Especially a day when sexy lingerie should probably end up as some sort of trending topic on Twitter? Well if you did think that, you were wrong, and clearly aren’t reading this website often enough. Add it to your favourites. Nay, make it your homepage. NOW.

Good. Now down to business. It’s Erin Heatherton. She’s business. Last week it was Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel, today it’s Erin. Where would we be without them, eh? Life just wouldn’t be worth living. Ok, bit far. But they are all so good at standing in front of a big red heart.

Erin Heatherton topless stood in front of a red heart
She's blatantly stashed something down the back of it

Still, this is obviously Erin posing in all the special Victoria’s Secret lingerie that has been created just for today. We’re not sure what that means, maybe it can’t be worn again after tonight, it will have curdled in the morning or something. Maybe it’s all a bit Mission Impossible and at first light the underwear will just start gently smoking until it is no more. Never mind, the pictures will still be here tomorrow so you can come back to this can’t you.

Erin Heatherton sitting in pink lingerie
This doesn't need a caption now, does it

So there she is, Erin Heatherton looking ridiculously hot in the very stuff you’re eagerly anticipating later tonight. Unless you’re single, in which case your eager anticipation is probably for Fulham v Chelsea. Yeah, all those other idiots might be getting laid but they’re going to miss a hell of a game…maybe.