Sabrina, 22

I'm a social butterfly, enjoy getting to know new people and going out to have a good time! My friends and family would describe me as being hard working, emotional, creative, adventurous, open, thoughtful, caring, reliable and honest. I used to work on a cruise ship which was an awesome experience, I love traveling and going on new adventures all the time! It's important to meet the right person to share experiences and good times in life, I'm looking for someone like-minded. I'm here for a good time not a long time!

Chrissy, 29

I’m 29 years old. I work as a family support officer. I enjoy going to bars and clubs, listening to music (mainly r n b) and meeting new people. I love travelling and enjoying lifes small pleasures. I am looking to meet someone with an IQ greater than a flip flop, someone that makes me laugh. Ideally he would be a man’s man but who one isn’t afraid to show emotion or is a jack the lad.


Natalie, 22

My family and friends are my world, break their hearts i will break your face :) If i like you i will do anything for you... if i don't well i'm sorry, I won't even give you the time of day... I'm easily read and believe being genuine is highly important! Don't lie to me, I will never forgive you!...."White lies create grey skies"... so be nice!! I live in my own little world... oblivious to everything around me...I am happiest here... I don’t like complications…they only cause confusion. And well, that just annoys me… As does soggy cereal and rainy days. I LOVE to get all dolled up, even if I have no necessary reason to do so.


Louise, 27

Hi, I'm 26, from Rotherham originally but I've moved up in the world and I now live in Sheffield!! I'm friendly, funny and laid-back and love going out spending time with my friends and generally don't take life too seriously! In my spare time I play sports and games, go to pubs and clubs and lose at pub quizzes. I would like to meet a man who can make me laugh and who enjoys an adventure!


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