Michelle Baker would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and her present to you all (via us) is these pictures. She sent them because she says “I know it’s freezing over there”. And she knows right, it’s bleddy freezing, but these might go some way to making you forget about the cold:

Michelle Baker in pink lingerie

We featured Michelle on FHM.com back in November when she was all flight-suited up around Rememberance Day. And she looked so good we thought we would bring her back again at Christmas. These dates need marking, with Michelle:

Michelle Baker topless kneeling on a bed

We’re spending the rest of today trying to come up with more occasions that we can recognise using pictures of Michelle. Stuff like New Year's Day, Valentine’s Day, Tuesday…

Michelle Baker stood up in white lingerie

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Perhaps a Saturday. Sunday if we’re not hungover. And probably a Monday too. Why did we start on Tuesday? That made absolutely no sense whatsoever, it’s the accepted social norm to start a week on a Monday. Sorry.

Michelle Baker stood in lingerie

Either way, we really don’t need an excuse to show you these pictures. It’s our duty. And should bring joy to the thousands of you that are sat on a train or a departure lounge floor going “CHRISTMAS IS RUINED!” Well it’s not, see:

Michelle Baker sat in white lingerie

The lucky bugger who took the photos and is having a very merry Christmas is Justin Macala. He’ll probably be sat in an armchair by a roaring fire somewhere in Florida, smoking a cigar and drinking port in his dressing gown, smiling to himself. We want his job.