FHM's Girlfriends: the ultimate collection

Posted by , 18 December 2010

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Where did we meet?
At a bar.

Did I come over and chat you up?
No, we were just near each other in a crowd and then we just got talking.

Any cheesy lines?
No cheesy line. You were confident, weren’t you?

Was I full of myself?
No, not full of yourself, otherwise I wouldn’t like you. I don’t want a cocky guy, you know, just one with a bit of confidence.

Did we kiss on the first date?
Obviously. Nothing more than a kiss on the first date, but a nice, good solid snog.  

Was I a good kisser?
You’re a good kisser, yeah. You kept my attention.

How long was it before we slept together?
A little while, I’m a bit of a tease so… you know….

Like a week? Two months?
A little while. A month. Got to keep you excited, keep you wanting it. You know, tease you a little bit and then it makes it all very much more exciting. Build the chemistry up, and then BOOM!

Do we have a good sex life?

What do we do to mix it up?
There’s lots of sexy underwear.

Am I the best?
Well, because you’re asking, I have to say yes, don’t I?

Would you tell me if I wasn’t though?
No, I wouldn’t tell you. I’d just try and give you ideas of ways to improve. Instead of saying, “You’re shit,” I’d just be like, “Look, try this, let’s do that,” you know? “You’re very good at this, but let's mix it up.”  

If you’re out and a guy starts hitting on you should I be a jealous boyfriend or stay quietly confident?
No, you’re quietly confident and I like that about you. You should take that as a compliment, that other people are interested in your girlfriend, but I’m going home to you. Just think, “Ha ha! But I see her naked!”

One of my friends tried to kiss you…
I wasn’t too impressed, to be honest. I think there was too much drink on his part, but I did say, “Look, back off, I’m dating your friend and I’m gonna tell him you tried it on with me". I’ll be honest with him. Honesty is the best policy.

Are you a high maintenance girlfriend?
Hmmm. Yeah, I think I am probably quite high maintenance. I don’t expect so much from you, but I’m high maintenance in myself so if we go out I like to go to nice places, nice bars. I’m not into popping out locally so much, I'm more into nice cocktail bars, I do like my cocktails.

Who has control of the remote?
I’m not a big TV fan. I’m into sports. I was a county swimmer before I turned to modelling so normally if the football's on in the house I’m game for that. The only remote you would have to control is my music because I love to blare it out.

How important are your family? Do I have to impress them?
My mum and my sister are like the judging panel, if they say "no", you’re out.

Even if you really liked me?
Yeah, because they get a different perception of you. They might see the devil horns coming out of you and I might not.

Would you mind if I go out with the guys and come in absolutely trousered?
No, because I’d probably be doing the same.

Describe a typical Sunday at our house...
We would have gone out Saturday night, so it’s the one day we can have a lazy day together. In the morning you might get to see a cute side of me, most of the time I’m a bit of a feisty kind of girl. Then I might have to get your lazy bum out of bed and force you to the gym or something.

To the gym?! Are we not just gonna sit and watch Hollyoaks or something?
No. You get your cuddle time in the morning, your lazy time, and then, you know, you might wanna walk the dog or…

We’ve got a dog?
Yeah, Ruby.

What if Ruby doesn’t like me?
Oh, she will. She’s a floosy, and a bit of a flirt. I don’t know where she learnt that from...


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