You know when you see a ridiculously hot girl in a bar or club, and you have absolutely no idea how to get yourself from that moment to one 12 hours later when you wake up at her place with a big smile on your face? Well fear no more, because we've asked a Playboy playmate how to do it.

Yup, we spoke to Hope Dworaczyk - the Playboy Playmate of the Year 2010 - to find out. It might only work on her, but your chances are heightened by the fact that she tells you where she's most likely to be. (We're ignoring the fact that they're classy American joints that you'd have no chance of getting in to). You should probably listen to her tips too, because she managed to pull Kelly Brook, see:

Ok, maybe she didn't pull her, but it's close. We got her to talk to us by drinking the Playboy Energy Drink that was released last November. We drank a lot of it, in cocktail form, at a party. We did it for you, so that we could bring you this video. It's a service we provide, no need to thank us.

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