FHM is brave. It’s a brave pioneer. It’s a brave pioneer pioneering things. The things the brave pioneer that is FHM is pioneering include hot women. We’re not scared. We’re brave. If we were scared, we’d stick to writing stories about established hot women that we know you love, like Kelly Brook, Katy Perry and Candice Swanepoel. But we’re not scared. We’re brave. So, as well as writing stories about those women, we bring you new women. Largely because we know you’ll love them. So not that brave, after all.

That hat would look silly on us

This is Jessica Vaugn. You’ve probably never heard of Jessica Vaugn. We hadn’t, but then she got in touch and said she’d like to be featured on FHM.com – who wouldn’t? As Kele Okereke would say, so here we are.

Jessica Vaugn is a 23-year-old glamour model from Wichita, Kansas. She now lives in Los Angeles pursuing a career as a glamour model. Jessica has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Friends University in Kansas.

J-Vaugn's 'funky chicken' needed work

As a young girl she watched Victoria’s Secret models on TV and thought they were the most beautiful women in the world. That fascination with lingerie models started her love affair with glamour modelling.

As a young boy FHM watched Victoria’s Secret models on TV and thought “The girls at our school don’t look like that. What’s that quivering in our pantaloons?” which, strangely, also ignited a career-defining love affair.

Necklace was scrummy

While we were getting to know each better, Jessica regaled us with a couple of stories from her life:

"Two years ago I was pulled over for not signaling to turn right out of a neighborhood. When the officer came back to my car with my ID, he asked me if I knew I had a suspended license. I definitely did not know this!! I had to spend the night in jail while they filed my paperwork. That is a weird experience for anyone who’s been there!! My night in intake with crack dealers and prostitutes is something I have not forgot! I learned a few things just from listening!"

In the house of mirrors

"I was on a photo shoot for a clothing boutique in my car driving from spot to spot and had to use my vehicle to change clothes. I was parked on the side of the street and got in the next outfit. I looked up and saw an entire barber shop outside their shop door cheering for me. I guess I forgot the front window of my car is the only one that is not tinted. Must have made their day at work much more interesting!"

So that's Jessica.