Listen up, and then, GET THIS: There’s a scene in the film Unknown when a lady called Elizabeth Harris (played by January Jones) forgets who her husband Dr Martin Harris (played by Liam Neeson) is. We know this because we spent some time watching the clip above.

In the film, January Jones seems to play a character very similar to her Mad Men character, Betty Draper. That’s fine. That’s cool. Betty is fine. Betty is cool. She never forgets who Don is though, does she? No. Because Don is THE MAN.

It’s very important at this point that you don’t get this film called Unknown mixed up with 2006’s film called Unknown (starring James Caviezel, Greg Kinnear, Bridget Moynahan), or indeed 1927’s film called The Unknown (starring Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford) because they are all completely different.

This is like the time someone wrote a covergirl profile for Heather Graham on, saying that the American actress had been in Peep Show. But actually it was Heather Graham lookalike Rachel Blanchard who had been in Peep Show, playing a lady called Nancy who Jeremy enjoyed humping. We still don’t know who wrote that. But when we find out, we will put them in a box and send the box somewhere rubbish. Somewhere like Hinchley Wood.

The moral of this story is: don’t get things that look or sound a bit like each other mixed up, or you will end up in Hinchley Wood. Just to clarify our point further: if you mistake the 2011 film Unknown for either the 2006 film called Unknown or the 1927 film called The Unknown, you will end up in Hinchley Wood.

Unknown is in cinemas on March 4