We imagine a good number of you received a box set over Christmas. If you are particularly loathed, you may have been fobbed off with such interminable crap as Lost or Prison Break.  This being the case, we suggest the next time you see the offending relative or ‘friend’ guilty of this thoughtless purchase, you beat their face to a mushy pulp, using the insulting gift as a weapon (Note: Lost may be better for this as its box set has six seasons as opposed to Prison Break’s paltry four).

If, however, you were a good boy for Santa, he may well have delivered Mad Men to your oversized stocking. If so, what a lucky person you are, because you’ll be seeing a lot more of January Jones than is healthily acceptable. Though if you expect her to be getting her kit off every episode, you’ll be disappointed. This is a classy series, in the main. Except for the time when Don fingered a woman into making her client apologise. But we figured Ron Jeremy must’ve directed that episode.

Betty Draper remained rather possessive of her handbag

January posed in some new ads for Versace, not wearing a great deal but still managing to look sophisticated nonetheless. We don’t know how she does this, because normally when the clothes disappear the dignity goes along with it. But she is irrefutable proof of the argument that nudity needn’t be degrading or tawdry.

Though not of her clothing...

Yes, well. Indeed not. The pithy dictum “less is more” comes to mind here. Though if “less” increases in inverse proportion to “more”, how does that possibly explain the theory of an ever expanding universe? Moreover, where does that leave Galileo and Einstein? Dead, that’s where it leaves them.