Facts: Jessica Lowndes Age: 21 Born: Vancouver As seen in: Autopsy, Greek, Altitude, 90210 Favourite 'British' words: "Fancy", "Lovely", "Bugger" Food she would eat every meal if she could: Muesli

Jessica Lowndes just will not stop going on about her pants. This is fine, nice even, but the part we can’t get our heads around is that she has a thing for cheap pants. “Are you kidding me? I love Primark!” she squeals. “Whenever I come to the UK I go there straight away. I really have a thing for lingerie and I really like their underwear. It’s so cheap – you can buy tons of it.”

Jessica’s life these days is such that she doesn’t really need to be opting for pants that come in packs of five. Since 2008, the 21-year-old has been playing Adrianna in 90210, the sequel-of-sorts to the stone-washed ’80s hit Beverly Hills 90210. It’s the sort of show you might briefly alight on during your channel flicking, pause due to the expanse of Butterkist-coloured flesh generally on show (it’s set by the beach and the producers are not stupid), and then find yourself watching for several hours as your will to view something more cerebral ebbs happily away.

Jessica Lowndes lying on some stairs in lingerie

“I think the show’s really established itself now,” says Jessica. “We might have been the ‘spawn of Beverly Hills 90210’ in the first series, but I think we’ve moved on from that. It’s its own thing.” If that’s true then it’s largely thanks to Lowndes, whose character is easily the most eventful. She has, thus far, suffered drug addiction, overdose, rehab, an HIV scare, pregnancy, giving up the result of said pregnancy, and enjoyed a lesbian relationship and the kind of will-they-won’t-they-oh-they-have-now-they’re-not-again romance that is the foundation for any teen drama worth its salt. “It’s been quite a ride,” she says, wide-eyed. Season Three, which is about to air in the UK, will bring death (not hers) and other jollities.

Jessica Lowndes standing in lingerie looking in a mirror

Knowing that teen shows don’t go on forever – because 45-year-olds tottering about in inappropriate clothing is what Desperate Housewives is for – Jessica is currently reaching out into other areas, adding some all important extra slashes to ‘actress/undercracker enthusiast’. Having warbled a few tunes in several episodes of 90210 she’s working on her own album, which she’s put together herself rather than opting to take up record company offers, and “lays down”, as the kids possibly still say, some strong vocals on Ironik’s new single Falling In Love – the recording of which is why she’s (apologetically) a little late for her FHM interview.

Jessica Lowndes in a bra, black and white image

“I know there’s kind of a thought that actresses will just take a shot at doing an album and blah blah blah. I get that, but this is a serious thing for me. I’m not putting anything out there I don’t totally believe in.” So there.

The pictures on these pages represent Jessica’s first ever shoot for a men’s magazine. “Yeah, it was kind of new for me, but I really enjoyed it,” she says. “It feels a little strange to start with, being the only one in the room in your underwear, but it was really fun. And, oh my God, the lingerie was beeeeeautiful.” Always with the pants.

The third season of 90210 airs on E4 from January 2011. The single Falling In Love by Ironik featuring Jessica Lowndes is out now.