Though we were all ecstatic that Kara Tointon won Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night (we were snowed in and our satellite box was playing up), the news was somewhat marred by her being taken to hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning after tearing a ligament in her arm during her second dance of the show.

Fortunately, Kara is now back at home and recovering, no doubt with her dance partner and new man Artem attending to her every whim. That programme is like a bloody singles dating service. And what is it about a dancing man that women find so attractive? We’re not resentful. It’s just that every time we do it a perimeter of about three metres in diameter mysteriously forms around us. It’s an inexplicable phenomenon.

Anyway, to celebrate our cover star's win, have a gander at some of the pics from the photo shoot of our December issue. In the one above, you'll see her in some red lingerie, with tassly bits around the nipple area. Very naughty indeed.

In this one, Kara's gone to the cinema. Fortunately, she forgot to put her clothes on before she came out. An easy mistake to make, especially when it's -20C outside.

And here, she's having a laugh with a bowler hat. We weren't in on the joke, but the hat told us Kara made a particularly naughty remark concerning an onion and a pair of wellington boots. Anyway, marvel and enjoy.