You can’t accuse Katy Perry of being a grinch. She’s done more than her fair share for Christmas, going to jingle balls, donning a Santa outfit, and even stealing an elf (who was returned safely after the ransom was paid). Katy didn’t need to do a festive photo shoot to prove she’s in good spirits. We already know she’s happy. The girl’s like an E on legs. But, she relented after Grazia offered her another opportunity to dress up.

The shoot was accompanied by the token interview, where Katy gushed about spending her first (and hopefully not last) Christmas with Russell Brand. “There will be me and Russ and a pink Christmas tree and a tofu turkey.” We don’t know which of the three we find more repellent, but surely the tofu turkey must take the biscuit. We’d be excited too about a pile of steaming hot spongy goo in the shape of a turkey. How would you even carve it?

Katy posed with a very rare type of spider, the Swarovski arachnid, on her head for the photo shoot. This spider does not secrete poison but will give a very nasty nip to anyone who tries to get their grubby hands on any part of its valuable anatomy.

And here, they shrunk Katy down to the size of a mouse to get this effect. Don’t tell anyone, but they did it by following the instructions of the oompa-loompas when they minimised Mike Teavee to the size of a Wonka bar. Unfortunately, they forgot that the film was mostly fictional, and the process irreversible. Oh well. There’ll be plenty of extra tofu turkey for Russell.