A film with Keeley Hazell in it…we’re sold. That. Sounds. Ace. What sounds more ace is the fact that it isn’t some serious attempt at creating cinematic history, it’s pretty much a comedy based on the Venus and Adonis myth.

’What is the Venus and Adonis myth?’ You ask. As if we know off the top of our heads. Unfortunately during that lesson of history we were kicking a scruffy tennis ball along a path in trainers we knew we shouldn’t be wearing, as we headed for a vending machine to stock up on forbidden Yorkies.

Keeley Hazell screenshot from Venus and the Sun

But we caught up on what we missed, so we now know that the Venus and Adonis myth is pretty much about Venus (a woman) trying to pull Adonis (a man) who just wants to go hunting. In a nutshell. We think.

What’s more clear is what the film is about, so we’ll stick to that. Titled Venus & The Sun, Keeley plays a version of herself: a glamour girl who ends up translating Latin as a hobby. But that also gives her magical powers, allowing her to keep the men of London at bay. Her only safe haven is in a library, where she meets Adam, who is described as ‘the one Sun reader she hasn’t bargained for’.

Keeley Hazell in Venus and the Sun

Cue all the ‘never judge a book by its cover’ lark, as Keeley embarks on a journey of discovery. How deep and meaningful that journey is, we’re not certain. But if she needs any help along the way, we’re willing and able.

The guys behind the film are also offering the chance to win an invite to the WORLD PREMIERE in London in January 2011. All you have to do is send your name, email address and age to win@venusandthesun.com. For further information visit their website.