Phew! Looks like Megan Fox has finally popped out of her boring box and hopped back on the sexy bus for this new Armani campaign. Thank God.  We were getting a little bit worried about her. Especially when we saw pictures of her taking her stepson (yawn) Kash out for organic breakfast.

This is much better. She has put her incredible body to very good use by lying about. People who look like that should spend a lot more time lying about and a lot less time taking stepsons out for breakfast. 

Somebody's going to get a splinter

The girl is completely smoking, but maybe a teeny bit scary in a Jolie-esque way. Like if you went in for a kiss she might bite your lip, but not in a fun way, in a painful bleeding way. Then you would feel really awkward, as despite being in a substantial amount of pain, you don’t want to ruin the erotica of the moment. Because, quite frankly this is a one off.

Armani clearly dig her bad-girl tats, but we’re not so sure. We prefer our women not to be covered in Shakespeare quotes that look like really badly formatted paragraphs. Oh what are we talking about… she is ridiculous.

Not that we’re complaining, but sometimes we do struggle to see how this campaign showcases the Armani collection. Is Mary Byrne sitting at home buttering biscuits and thinking ‘God I should get that see-through thong it looks like such a quality piece of clothing’? We sincerely hope not.