Minka Kelly is a 30-year-old American actress who is the daughter of one of the members of Aersomith you probably haven’t heard of unless you’re a big fan of Aerosmith (IE: Not Steve Tyler or the lead guitarist). So that’s then, but what about now?

Well, as you can clearly see from these incriminating photos, the (500) Days Of Summer (playing a person called the same name as the season of Autumn), Friday Night Lights (playing a cheerleader called Lyla Garrity), Entourage (playing herself in something American people call a “season finale”) and The Kingdom (playing someone called Ms. Ross) star is outside. Don’t even try and deny it. We see the tree behind her and the sunshine all over her face and arms and legs and hair and nail varnish and clothes.


OBSERVE: Minka Kelly is outside


OBSERVE: Minka Kelly is still outside

Right now we want to compare Minka Kelly to Julian Assange but are struggling in a very deep and fundamental way to find a link. Really, they’re not very similar. But there have been some amusing photos of Assange doing the rounds on the TV this morning that make him look like some kind of WEIRD AND EVIL DEMON OF INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM who must be exposed as a child of the devil.

Seems a bit harsh to be mean to the man just because he’s Australian. It’s not his fault! He didn’t choose to be Australian! His parents just made him that way! They only way they know how! He probably doesn’t even like cricket. The British media eh? JEEZ.