Well done the internet, you’ve done what you do and made another brilliant video. This one stars: Natalie Portman, Brendan Fraser and Quentin Tarantino. Big hitters all. If you saw a film poster with those three names on, you’d most likely go “ooh, that sounds good” and then never go and see the film because the cinema’s ridiculously expensive these days and you’ll probably be able to download it in a few months anyway.

Don’t download it, it’s illegal to do that.

Having said that (about the cinema), Natalie Portman’s new film The Black Swan will shortly be hitting cinemas in the UK and it’s totally pretty bloody good. It has Natalie Portman getting all sexy and that with Mila Kunis, and also some ballet. But it’s good ballet, not rubbish ballet. Ballet with death and excitement and Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman is pretty much excellent, almost always all of the time.

We’re not too sure what Brendan Fraser and Quentin Tarantino are up to these days, but we’re big fans of Fraser’s method of applause. He’s our favourite clapper. An expert at placing one hand next to the other with the correct amount of force to emit a sound that has become a way of showing appreciation for something. Strange really, but cheap.

The reason Fraser’s clap is so good, is the little spaz out afterwards that looks a bit like Tom Hanks playing Forrest Gump. It’s a work of art. A triumph of the will for handclap fans the world over. Not a triumph of the will in the way that Nazi film was The Triumph Of The Will, but a triumph of the will in a good way.

The Nazis were not good, unless you, yourself, were a Nazi.