Surely there must be an issue with sharing the limelight here? A lot of very hot women being pampered and asked to pose in sexy lingerie. Maybe they fight over who gets the best stuff? Please let that be true. Yeah, we’re talking about Victoria’s Secret Angels again.

You must have seen this coming… yesterday we brought you Adriana Lima looking all lovely in the special VS Valentine’s Day range, and you didn’t think it was just her doing the modelling did you? Of course not, where one Angel is, another is never far behind. And more often than not it involves the pretty-much-perfect Candice Swanepoel. Oh, would you look at that:

Candice Swanepoel in pink french knickers
She's always been fond of her hair...

She’s good. Very good. She’s all like “Oh no my hair’s such a mess, I’ve just got out of bed and I look so sweet and innocent and I’m looking at you.” Well she’s not. She’s looking at a camera and has no idea who you are. SNAP OUT OF IT MAN. If she draws you in much further you’ll be heading to a very dark place…

Candice Swanepoel in red lingerie
Hearts on a cushion. Original.

So there she is. You probably told yourself yesterday “I bet they feature Candice Swanepoel doing the same thing tomorrow” after you’d finished ogling Mrs Lima (yeah she’s married). So well done you, you’ve started to appreciate the FHM ways of working: when we find one hot woman in lingerie, we go searching for MORE. It’s drilled in to us in some sort of initiation ceremony involving darts, a cut out of Robert Pattinson’s face and a crate of Super Bock.

Candice Swanepoel in pink lingerie
Ok stop looking at us like that. It's intimidating.