If you’re on Android – that’s smartphones not made by a gravity-discovering piece of fruit, basically – you can now get hold of ZOO’s brand new app.

As you might expect, it combines the most addictive type of mobile gaming with some seriously hot females.

There are 15 levels to master, each getting progressively harder. They all involve rolling an object around your screen, clearing the frosted glass to reveal sexiness.

Fall into the cunningly placed holes on the screen, and you lose. But if you clear the screen? Then you’re rewarded with a picture of a ZOO hottie!

Each level is themed, so to reveal the image of the girl in the shower, you roll a bar of soap around the screen. And with each level you complete, you can save the image and email it anywhere you like.

Plus, if you care about such things, the fastest times will make a global league table. But, even if you’re not the quickest, your bus journeys are about to become much more enjoyable…

It's available now, for just £1.49 on the Android App store now!


1) Go to the App Store

2) Search for 'ZOO Roller'

3) Click 'pay for this with' underneath 'buy now'

4) Enter your credit/debit card details

5) Enter your address

6) Wait for the game to download!



Better than Angry Birds