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Posted by , 16 December 2010

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Tal Berkovich is an actress and model from Israel. She’s been living in the UK for two-and-a-half years. She doesn’t like chat up lines or men that don’t know how to behave. Oh, and she has two very jealous brothers. But they’re still in Israel, so who cares?

Where did we meet?
We met in Chelsea, I think.

And did we meet in a bar?
I’m more of a restaurant person.

But would we have met in a restaurant or did I come up to you in a bar?
I don’t really meet guys when I go out. Usually friends set me up with people.

So if I used a chat-up line you wouldn’t be impressed?
Er, no. Big no, in fact.

Where did we go?
We went somewhere nice and quiet for sushi and it was lovely, so thank you.

How long was it before I called you?
You better call me the day after otherwise I’m not going to continue.

Would a text message do?
A text is for right after you drop me off and a phone call for the next day.

And did you let us stew for a bit before replying?
No, I don’t believe in playing games. I’d reply straight away.

So if you didn’t reply, that’s not a good sign?
Yes, I’m very direct.

Was it long before we went on a second date?
I’m busy with work a lot so it was the weekend after.

And how long until we slept together?
Erm, it was quite a long time. It depends how I feel but usually it takes time.

When did I meet your parents?
They still live in Israel so it might have been quite a long time but there’s always a wedding so I’d want you to come back with me.

Is it important that I get on with your family?
Yes, I have two younger brothers. They’re very protective. They don’t like any guys, but my parents and I have similar views on life so it’s rare that I like someone and they don’t.

And how about when you met mine?
I’d just be myself and I’d definitely bring flowers, that’s for sure.

Do you mind if I roll in drunk on a Saturday morning?
No, you can do what you like.  

Will you be getting drunk with me?
That depends if I have work the next day.

And if I leave you alone in my house will you go through my things?
No, I’m not like that. I hate when people do it to me so I would never do it to someone else.

Is there anything at yours you wouldn’t want me to find?
No, all my embarrassing childhood stuff is in Israel, so you can look wherever you like.

Are you a jealous girlfriend?
Yes, very jealous. You can look but there is a fine line between what’s acceptable and what’s not.

So what’s acceptable?
A real man knows how to behave. I don’t think I should need to teach you.

What are Sundays like at our house?
We wake up very late. I love sleeping. I’m a professional sleeper. Then we’d have a nice breakfast and go shopping.

Sounds pretty girly...
I’m a very girly girl. Can’t you see?

What about if I can’t be bothered to get up?
No, you definitely need to get up and entertain me.


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