Vanessa Hudgens has been on our minds a lot recently. Not just because we're slightly creepy weirdoes. No, it's partly because she's in Sucker Punch, the trailer for which we've been playing pretty much on a loop for the past few weeks (*EMBARRASSING PLUG KLAXON* that's when we're not reading the feature in the new issue of FHM, in all good magazine sellers from Thursday). Also, because she keeps turning up to places looking like this.

Airlines other than American Airlines are also available

That's a good way to look when you're turning up to places. The place in this instance was Elton John AIDS Foundation Party after the Oscars. So she was out looking hot for the good of charity. This woman will just not stop being brilliant.

Also, she keeps doing this face.


Great face. It's a sort of 'I know a secret but I'm not going to tell you it cos it's a slightly rude secret and you might not be able to handle it' face. Great face.