Saffi Karina

Age: 25
Job: Model and aspiring TV presenter
Drink of choice: Mojito. “Because I’m part Cuban”
Ideal holiday: Anywhere tropical
Movie: The Lost Boys

Miraculously, you managed to persuade Saffi to go on a date whilst she was buying a frappucino. Now you've been going steady for six months. Just don't annoy her dad...

Can you describe how we met?
I’m quite shy, so you had to come up to me in Starbucks.

Wasn’t it odd, me coming up in a coffee shop?
No. Guys approach girls all the time, don’t they?

What did I say? Was I funny?
You said something stupid that made me laugh. That was the dealbreaker.

How soon was our first date?
About a week later. We went to Alton Towers.

Alton Towers? I’m not made of money!
Yeah, but I wanted to see how much of a man you really were.

Was I sick?
Yeah, you were a bit, but it was more nerves.

Nerves because I was on a date with you?
Ha! Yeah!

So it must have been fairly successful?
We had fun. We went on all the rides. Some you were a bit reluctant to go on though.

What was it that you actually liked about me?
You’re funny, you made me laugh. I like men that make me laugh, but you’ve got to be a looker. Tall, dark and handsome. I know people say looks aren’t important, but I think they do help.

How long was it before we slept together?
Piss off. A lady never tells!

Could you give a score out of ten? How was it?
What, your performance?
Oh gosh, okay. Well, you’re going out with me so I’d have to say nine and a half out of ten.

So, room for improvement?
Yeah, always room for improvement.

How do I get on with the rest of your family?
You’re a bit wary of my Dad.

Is that because he’s a mentalist?
Yeah, he’s Irish. My family is Irish, Cuban and Filipino.

Christ, what’s dinner like at your house?
Oh, it’s wicked. There’s all sorts because my Dad is quite a good cook.

If I came home with some expensive lingerie that you didn’t like would you tell me?
I would tell you to change it. I am very upfront.

But you’d wear it for me if I got it right?
Yes, if it’s nice lingerie.

What was the last argument we had?
Something to do with you being messy. I can’t tolerate mess. So if you left something on the floor or didn’t clean up after yourself.

I cook, but I’m really untidy. Is that a fair compromise?
Yeah. If you can cook then you have won me over.

What do you get jealous about?
Probably watching too much sport. Or if you’re always playing computer games, that might piss me off.

So it’s not jealousy, more a lack of attention?
Yeah, but I’m really easy going, honest!

And what do you think? Are we going to go the distance?
Maybe. You’ll have to wait and see, won’t you?