FHM's Girlfriends: the ultimate collection

Posted by , 09 August 2011

FHM's Girlfriends: the ultimate collection


Words: Lucy Hancock

Every month we let you in on our little fantasy. The fantasy that women this incredible would choose us as boyfriends. We then grill them on what it's like to go out with us. In fantasy world.

Here's the great news: these scantily clad fantasy girlfriends do very little else but lounge around on their fantasy sofas, which as it happens is not how they get their fantasy bodies. Our fantasy girlfriends don't get cross and puffy, but remain warm and eternally fluffy.

If you like, you can keep these precious beauties on your computer screen until the end of... well, computers, because we've gone and made them into lovely desktops. You can release all manner of acrid gases in front of them and they'll never let you down. They'll just sit/lie/stand there, looking all lovely and that.

Alternatively, you could, y'know, get a real girlfriend, but we don't advise that so much.

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