You may remember the article we wrote last year called Extra! Extra! Get your sexy desktop backgrounds! which had on it massive images of every single one of our Upgrade Girlfriends from 2010. It was a great page. A vigorous page. A lively page. A virile page. The kind of page that stank of good times. The kind of good times you’re happy you’ve had but probably wouldn’t tell your friends about because they’re so disgusting. You know the sort.

Well this page is the same as that page but with a different name and different people on it. It’s exactly as brilliant. Maybe it’s actually more brilliant when you consider that it’s newer.

Do this: Click the image, look at the big version, right click, 'set as desktop background'.

January: Saffi

February: Agnieska

March: Sabine

FHM Upgrade Girlfriend Of The Month Sabine

April: Emily

FHM Girlfriend Of The Month for April - Emily

May: Jasmine