Forbes is an American bi-weekly business magazine that we never read because all we know about the economy is that we would like it to give us some more money, please, and to stop making proper grown ups angry. Once a year though, Forbes put together a list of who they think are the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world. Their power is calculated using a mysterious medley of wealth, tabloid coverage and prominence on the TV, internet, radio and, you know, other stuff. Sounds a lot like witchcraft but we’re willing to go along with it because we need something to write about, and also because of the 100 celebrities in the list, 24 could accurately be described as ‘super hot females’ and we want to celebrate their power by putting together a gallery for you to look at and say things like “phwoooooar, Angelina Jolie, yeah, I’d give her one”, as if that’s something that could actually ever happen. Go to Forbes to see the full list and be extra careful not to mess with Britney Spears or Beyonce Knowles. Being in the top 10 basically means you can have someone killed and no one will do anything about it. Here is the top 10:

1/ Oprah Winfrey
2/ Beyonce Knowles
3/ James Cameron
4/ Lady Gaga
5/ Tiger Woods
6/ Britney Spears
7/ U2
8/ Sandra Bullock
9/ Johnny Depp
10/ Madonna