Working out isn't that fun, unless you're in a gym surrounded by sexy ladies. But down at our pikey gym, that doesn't happen very often, probably because the main 'equipment' includes an axe to chop a log with and two mossy bricks.

Gemma Atkinson's exercise regime looks much better, as it involves her jiggling around in a stripey blue bikini. Which, if we're honest, is quite hypnotic. We can't stop starring at her bosoms which in real life would probably be quite rude, but here in the lawless land of the internet, it's bloody well demanded.

Did you know 260 new grot sites pop up on the net every day? You didn't? Well at you learn a little and laugh a little. We say 'laugh a little' as that means we don't have a very high quota of funniness to meet.

Anyway, let us talk you through the wonderful workout regime of Gemma Atkinson.

First Gemma starts off with a bit of rollerblading, which we haven't seen anyone do in ages. Rollerblading seemed like the most awesome thing ever when we were younger, but if we tried it now we would look like a floppy-legged-goon having a fit.

Here Gemma attempts some chin-up/leg-up type things on some nearby metal chains. Why exactly there are massive chains which wouldn't look out of place in a sex dungeon on a beach, we don't know.

Gemma achieved her chin-up/leg-up type thing, which is good for her. It's also good for us because we get to see a bit of her bum, and that helps us get through the day. 

For the main cardio-vascular workout of Gemma's session she goes for a swim. Which just looks sodding great doesn't it. We would love to be one of those people with our bodies buried in the sand watching her right now.

And finally Gemma relaxes after her workout with a nice refreshing beverage. We normally finish a workout by collapsing on the floor and vomiting, but you know, each to their own.

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