Georgia Jagger wore some clothes at a Chanel fashion show in St Tropez that made everyone who saw her in the slanted early evening sunshine think they’d seen Brigitte Bardot’s ghost. They were wrong, of course, because Brigitte Bardot is alive and well and 75 and suspected by some to be a little bit racist. She’s definitely not dead.

Anyway, buck-toothed Jagger (she said ‘no’ to braces), 18-year-old daughter of Rolling Stone Mick, was on the receiving end of the most hypocritical dressing-down in the history of mankind in January. Dad gave her a hard time for pictures that appeared to show her sniffing some drugs. That must have been a brilliant confrontation.

But the A-level student, who’s been on the cover of Vogue, the face of campaigns for Rimmel and Versace and pocketed £600,000 for a three-year jeans deal with Hudson, didn’t wow everyone who saw her. Specifically, the four individuals below seemed particularly underwhelmed.

Unimpressed spectator #1

Unimpressed spectator #2

Unimpressed (but hot) spectator #3

Unimpressed spectator #4

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