Gisele Bundchen did a baby late in 2009, but that hasn’t stopped the Brazilian jumping straight back into modelling with her second shoot for Italian and hosiery brand Calzedonia. Calzedonia is just one letter away from Caledonia, the Roman word for what is now known as Scotland. But that’s obviously not an issue, it’s just an annoying little observation that made it onto the page because we’ve had too much coffee this morning.

The pictures of the shoot, for which there’s fleeting video footage over at, do little to deter our suspicion that Gisele might not be all human. She’s definitely got the longest midriff of any person we’ve ever seen, apart from Naomi Campbell (who doesn’t count because she’s scary) and Abbey Clancy, who has also got a long and beautiful midriff but is definitely human because we’ve spoken to her. You can’t fake that shit.

Gisele, who has only ever been publicly linked to elite human beings Leonardo DiCaprio, pro surfer Kelly Slater and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (now her husband), was once identified – on account of her abdomen – as the celebrity that most influenced patients' decisions when considering plastic surgery. What a cracking accolade.


BONUS Gisele video: