BREAKING NEWS! Halle Berry parks car to carry out unconfirmed task and takes bag with her! Jesus, talk about hot of the press! She’s even got her Blackberry with her. She does look great though doesn’t she? Spiffy. Loose vest, big pendulous bosom, high cheek bones…it’s all happening. Shame about the sunglasses, she’s got incredible eyes, like a big sexy cow. So, are you lot enjoying the World Cup? It’s great isn’t it? All these nations coming together, as one…It’s like a big car advert. Or a Michael Jackson video. Oh Michael. Hey! Have you seen Catwoman? I’s not great, but still, here’s an interesting fact. 43 cats were trained for the film. And Ms Berry adopted one of them afterwards, an orange and white youngster she named Play Dough. Ahhh. Look at Halle Berry more now.