Audrina Patridge was on The Today Show and what day is today? That's correct date-fans, it's Monday. So what if she was actually on there on Friday, it's called The TODAY Show, so that could be any day. Today is today, you can't argue that, so sod the technicalities.

As days go, Mondays aren't great, unless it's a bank holiday. Mondays usually mean you're tired, hungover and have forgotten to brush your teeth. We doubt Audrina Patridge ever forgets to brush her teeth, look how pearly-white they are. They're as white as the shirts from the Daz adverts - but in the form of teeth.

Here the lovely Audrina is seeking two hi-fives, which on the street is known as ten. However if no one decides to hi-five her, then it's called being 'left hanging'. Click here for more hi-fiving etiquette.

Obviously Audrina was 'left hanging'  so she is trying to mask it, by using some hip-hop hand gestures and saying: "Yo." We don't know why, but Americans seem to do that a lot.

Another thing Americans love is burgers, but we do too. So here is Audrina in a burger advert. Why? Because we can.


Here is a splendid Audrina Patridge gallery to get you through the day. Try looking at one picture per hour and the day will be through before you know it!