Despite what you might have heard, country music isn't full of smelly bearded-men with drinking problems. Oh no, now it's full of foxy young women with no facial hair or odour problems. Yay!

When it comes to the Country Music Television Awards, the lady-folk are in abundance as well as the actual folk music. Hayden Panttiere made an appearance wearing a see-through lace dress covered with what appears to be a silky curtain.

Curtains aren't the sexiest thing in the world, unless it's a changing room curtain in a lingerie shop, but peeping behind those would probably get you thrown out and arrested. So don't do that. Anyway, Hayden's outfit makes for a sexy dress as well as a fetching window dressing. So we won't mention her hair looks a bit like Macaulay Culkin's. Oh, guess we just did.

Taylor Swift was also at the awards, as she actually does country-poppy-singy stuff. She looked pretty darned nice if we do say so. We were particularly impressed by her evil glare, which vapourised a nearby photographer who was mocking the belts on her shoulders.

In other news, Taylor Swift found the 'X' that marks the spot of Blackbeard's buried treasure. So she stood on it, in case she forgets where it is hidden.