The 20-year-old annoyingly super powerless beauty showed of her new hair-do again at the 2010 World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. And she is looking great. Older, sassier (yeah, ‘sassier’) and loads sexier and more confident. Sure that makes us sound like a creepy councilor, but we’ll stand by it. She loves surfing, she loves saving animals and stuff and she love doing the voices of animals in films. As illustrated in her upcoming film, Alpha and Omega, which follows the lives of two mismatched wolves. But Hayden will forever be known as Claire from Heroes, that invincible cheerleader of dreams. And in tribute to her here’s some Heroes trivia, you freaking nerdverts (FYI, that’s a combination of ‘nerd’ and ‘pervert’)


The license plate on Kaito Nakamura's car is NCC-1701. George Takei, who plays Kaito, was Mr. Sulu in the original incarnation of "Star Trek" (1966) and NCC-1701 is the registry number of the USS Enterprise.


The rotating earth featured in the series logo shows a bright spot just off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. That is the site of an asteroid impact widely believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, which opened the way for the rise of mammals, thus the spot could be a subtle reference to the show's theme of a new evolutionary leap. Or it could just be a nod to the Sci-fi worlds love of a good lens flare.