Megan Fox has a near enough perfect bottom, which she was kind enough to show off while getting in a car yesterday. That's just the sort of person she is. She's a giver. A giver of pert ass.

We're supposed to put at least 180 words in these stories to make them show up better on Google, but let's be honest, the story of Megan Fox's glorious posterior is really one better played out in pictures.

We could describe it to you but we'd fall far short of the actual vision. The only way a description would be useful is if you're blind, but then you'd just be all frustrated anyway because you wouldn't be able to see what we were talking about and then you'd just want to talk about someone else and be all like, 'hey man, shut up about the arse, I can't even see her arse, let alone touch it - this is torture for me'. And we'd be all like, 'woah woah woah, mate. Calm down. You asked'. And then we'd probably sit awkwardly for a bit but eventually be friends again because we can't stay mad at you for long.

So let's not do that. (p.s. You'll have to trust as that this is Megan Fox and not just a random lady with a nice bum)

Hey, remember when Megan Fox did an FHM cover shoot? That was good.



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