“Yes boys, you did see her on the pages of FHM…” Not our words, the words of popular deliverers of John Snow, quirky truth and reality TV: Channel 4. It’s written, prominently, on Karly Ashworth’s page of this year’s Big Brother website (click HERE to see it). And it’s true. Sort of.

The 21-year-old Scot did, absolutely, break into this year’s High Street Honeys Top 100, and got her brown-haired head and white-thonged behind into the shiny booklet we made to celebrate the occasion. That's close enough, and she shares her past top 100 nomination with some prestigious now-celebrities, including Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud.

We feel bad though, because when Davina was commentating on the Miss Scotland 2009 finalist’s walk of doom into the Big Brother house last night, she said: “Karly was once fired from a job, for being an FHM High Street Honey”.

She did not deserve that. That’s a case of unfair dismissal, right there. We get away with all sorts. Our boss just shrugs and goes back to dreaming about QPR scoring more than two goals in a game. We’re so lucky.

Now visit Karly’s website. Because… why the hell not?