What's your exact job title?

Shop Assistant at Cult Clothing.

What age will you be this March?


Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and who gave you it and why?

Yes, I do, it's Kuba. I don't remember how I got it, it's just kinda stuck with me and all my friends call me that.

Why did you enter High Street Honeys?

I entered it because of my boyfriend's suggestion.

Why should readers vote for you?

Because I'm funny, really. I'm nice and pretty (at least I would like to believe so), I have an accent and nice bum.

What did you think of the shoot?

It was very good, I enjoyed the experience. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel very relaxed, I've got loads of good comments on pictures (I'm concerned they've just been polite though).

What makes you a good choice as a TV presenter?

I think it would be my personality. I'm very polite, but I'm quiet quirky at the same time.

What TV programme would you ideally like to present and why?

I would like to present something like celebrity news or a chart show, because I always like to know what's on and like the gossip.

Which programme would you hate to present and why?

Big Brother or Shipwrecked, because they are pointless programmes and I would be very bored presenting them.

Who would you like to present with and why?

Oh god, I don't know, maybe someone funny like Alan Carr or Graham Norton, not sure that it would ever happen though, they would probably just laugh at me.

Recall your worst fashion disaster.

Bootcut jeans, they totally wrong on my figure, I used to have seven pairs and it took me about five years to realise how wrong they were.

Who would you hate to present with and why?

Peaches Geldoff, because she is annoying and everywhere.

Describe the outfit you'd wear on your first day?

Some nice, figure-hugging dress. I probably would pay more attention to my hair and makeup though.

What would you do with the £10,000 prize?

I would go on holiday somewhere nice like Syria or Madagascar and would also pay back my parents for my education.

What would it mean to you to win this competition?

A lot, it would definitely change my life completely and it probably would open a lot of new opportunities for me and definitely would boost my confidence.

What football team do you support?

I support Zenit from St.Petersburg, Russia, which is where I come from. They are great footballers.

Where's your favourite place to go shopping (place, not shops themselves)?

Of course it is Oxford Street in London, but I also love the shopping malls in my city.

What's the best thing about the city you live in?

It is very old, it has a character to it and some great shops.

What's the worst thing about the city you live in?

Too many cars and not enough night clubs.

What's your typical weekend night-out?

It's the credit crunch, so I don't go out as much as I used to. Usually I would go to some nice pub or bar with my friends or boyfriend and have a few drinks and a great laugh. I only go to the clubs if I know there will be music I like, sometimes free entrance would do too. It always depends on which mood I'm in, sometimes a few drinks at the bar would be enough and some other times I would need more than that.

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