What's your exact job title?

Optical Assistant

What age will you be this March?


Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and who gave you it and why?

Erm well... my name is very hard to say when you see it written down so there have been a few strange nicknames. A friend at school called me Saucepot one day at something I said and since then Sauce has kinda stuck with my friends. My dad still calls me dolly though because he says I looked like a doll when I was little! Aww

Why did you enter High Street Honeys?

I entered High Street Honeys because the prizes sounded tempting and my friend said I should go for it. Now I’m glad I did!

Why should readers vote for you?

Readers should vote for me because I'm just a nice girl and I’m real, plus this is what I love to do. How fun is it to go to work and enjoy your day and get paid for it?

What did you think of the shoot?

I loved the shoot, the studio and set were really cool. I had a sneaky peek at the pictures of the other girls and myself and thought we looked really sexy and seductive. The lingerie was really lovely and the photographer was really easy to work with and good.

What makes you a good choice as a TV presenter?

I think I would be a good TV presenter because I have a bit of banta and personality.

What TV programme would you ideally like to present and why?

I would like to present a beauty programme like maybe a makeover show as I did makeup and can teach them a trick or two.

Which programme would you hate to present and why?

I’m a celebrity get me out of here because I can't even watch some of those tasks when they have to eat bugs and it explodes in their mouths, makes me heave.

Who would you like to present with and why?

I’d like to present with anyone funny to keep me entertained during all the standing around time.

Recall your worst fashion disaster.

I have a few... once on a night out my heel snapped off because my friend kinda kicked it and there’s not much you can do but limp around all night. Another time my jeans ripped right on the bum when I was walking - a bit embarrassing.

Who would you hate to present with and why?

I wouldn’t like to present with anyone fake or stuck-up because you'd have to spend a lot of time together so it would be good if you got on.

Describe the outfit you'd wear on your first day?

On my first day I’d probably wear some heels, smart jeans and a nice blouse shirt type top with a high-waisted belt. Sophisticated but casual. Or a really sexy dress.

What would you do with the £10,000 prize?

I’d go out and treat myself for winning and then I would save some and maybe get a new car as mine is a bit battered!

What would it mean to you to win this competition?

It would mean a great opportunity to get more work with FHM and the chance to present would be really cool and maybe a future career move. I would love the chance to work with FHM’s photographers again as I love the tasteful style of shoots in the magazines.

What football team do you support?

I don’t have a favourite football team or even know who my local team would be sorry?

Where's your favourite place to go shopping (place, not shops themselves)?

My favourite place to go shopping is Oxford Street and Selfridges.

What's the best thing about the city you live in?

The best thing about the city I live in is you’re never too far from a Maccy Ds breakfast after a big night out.

What's the worst thing about the city you live in?

The worst thing is the breakfast stops at half 10.

What's your typical weekend night-out?

My typical weekend night out is Watford unfortunately... it’s local and it’s easy because I work weekends. It’s always myself, Anna, Tasha and Sophie. We do have a laugh and Sophie always manages to steal some poor strangers kebab off them at the end off the night just for banter... classy!

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