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Age: 28

From: St Helens

Profile Views: 18536

World's Sexiest Woman: Keeley Lucy Pinder Cheryl Cole Angelina Jolie Brunettes are just hot i guess

My Likes: Horse riding Rugby League Watching films, DVD boxsets like 24, Friends, vanilla ice cream, apple sourz, being kissed on the neck... I'll leave it there

My Dislikes: The usual us girls don't like; Spiders, heights, girls that try to hard, men that don't try enough, people that take themselves too seriously, and red nissan micras!

Music: Having been told 'everything really' is a piss poor effort I'd listed everything i listen to, only to be cut off 1/4 down the list so i give up. I will give a tip to guys out there; get The Strokes Raptillia on, girl on top, you'll be lucky to make it to the end of the song ;o)

Movies: Fight Club, Oceans 11, 12, 13, The Usual Suspects, Disney films, Pulp Fiction, Born Free (!), The Mask, in fact, anything with Carey in it is pure genius Star Wars Mr and Mrs Smith Shrek 1, 2 and 3

Television: The Inbetweeners! SATC Friends Ray Mears Bushcraft - well you never know when you're gunna get caught out do you! The Hills The OC Mock the week (before they got rid of the genius that is Frankie Boyle) Top Gear The Gadget show

Sport: Saints fan! Melbourne Storm fan Colts fan Piss poor Utd fan, better put Man Utd before I get shouted at

About me

This is where I mention how bright, bubbly and fun I am, a bit like a dating advert? Nah, Im a bitch, as sarcastic as they come, opinionated, don't think before I speak which gets me into trouble sometimes. I suppose I'm a bit funny, not weird funny, actually funny ha-ha funny. Professional at work, friendly and fun to know personally. Quite ambitious, confident but not arrogant and game for a

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  • Egypt March 2010
  • Egypt March 2010
  • Black Bikini pic taken in the red sea, Egypt March 2010
  • Baywatch!
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