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Age: 23

From: Southend

Profile Views: 29537

World's Sexiest Woman: Olga Kurylenko is gorgeous! + Vikki Blows

My Likes: I like guy stuff X]: Jap cars, my 360 and playing sports. Although I do read a LOT, and love animals too

My Dislikes: Backstabbers, Liars, Winter (I hate the wet), Batteries going flat

Music: Too many to name

Movies: I'm not fussy

Television: South park all the way

Sport: I only really play it

About me

Hmm I am short, in your face,loud and hyperactive. I have a rather childish and innocent look about me but could tear most guys to bits =P appearances can be decieving. I play sport (when my ankles are not giving me jip) and I love contact ones ;] I am competetive at everything I do, so don't even try cos I will beat you =P I love animals, I have two doggies that i love to bits

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  • pants
  • Stripey
  • Miss Fast Car final 8
  • big eyes =P
  • bubble fun
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