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Age: 28

From: Exmouth

Profile Views: 26311

World's Sexiest Woman: Aki Hoshino, Kelly Brook, jennifer love hewitt, scarlett johansson, nigella lawson, basically anyone with serious curves, and big boobs *drool*

My Likes: Playing my 360, Chocolate, lazy mornings, Tea, sexy underwear, heels, Final Fantasy, Army of two, Zelda, My DS, Pillow fights, Reading, Going for walks and getting covered in mud, Shopping with my friends ( what woman dosn't), Watching movies, CSI night with chinese, Laughing till your sides hurt, Walking round my house naked ;D

My Dislikes: Being tickled, Early mornings :( Soooo totally not a morning person,People who lack there own imagination, copying someone elses style or words because you obviously don't hav your own brain, Sprouts *yuck*, Fifa games ( sorry boys), Horro movies, Being told what to do (well most of the time ;P )

Music: I am a rock chick at heart but I will listen to anything. I just think there is nothing sexier then listerning to a guy screaming ;D

Movies: Man... where do I begin. Fifth Element, Drop dead fred, Bill and ted, 28 days, Elizabeth, Matrix (only the first one.), LOTR, Lost in translation, the devil wears prada, Final fantasy (of course), Juno, Little woman, Speed, Over boared, Underworld 1,2&3, House of Flying daggars, Xmen, Hulk, Iron man, Transormers, Bridget Jones diary, Noting Hill, Ghostbusters... and thats just the tip of my collec

Television: I don't watch soap.. I mean I really hate them they have no point just never ending pain and suffering.. I'd rather watch things that make me laugh or are intresting like, Criminal minds, CSI, Friends, Scrubs, Futurama, Lost in Austin, Bones, Top gear, Mock the week, amoung other things..

Sport: I used to do alot of horse riding when I was young so I really love that, I also did gymnastics from the age of 5 till 13. But I think my farioute sport of all is sex its fun and a good work out ;P

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