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Age: 43


Profile Views: 73265

World's Sexiest Woman: Angelina Jolie

My Likes: Strong hands... sexy eyes.. chocolate chip cookies..cold pizza in the morning. warm sun on naked skin, working out, Belly laughs, big smiles

My Dislikes: spiders.. hate them.. I dont like being scared so no haunted houses. I cant swim so no deep water.. I hate touching raw meat...I hate the smell of KIELBASA yuk!!!

Music: Sick Puppies,Flyleaf,Kill Hannah,Evanescense,Korn,Pink

Movies: A vs P, Dracula, 300 The movie, Sin City, The Crow, The 13th Warrior, Conan the Barbarian,Legend, Goonies,

Television: That 70's Show, CSI, Soprano's, Law and Order, The Family Guy.

Sport: Hockey kicks ass... and if fishing is a sport im there. MMA , UFC, Cage fighters rock!

About me

I am such a dork, I am 5'6" and think I'm to short, I love Vampire movies and Sled Storm and Tomb Raider are my all time favorite games...Dont forget to Vote for Me in the Need for Speed Carbon contest!! Let me be your Pixel hottie;)

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