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Age: 29

From: Austin

Profile Views: 557

World's Sexiest Woman: Katherine Moennig, Taylor Momsen, Jennifer Beals, Kaya Scodelario (my absolute favorite), Kate Moss, so many more. I just love looking at sexy ladies!

My Likes: Walrus, Lone Star Beer, street wear, SHOES, guns, William S. Burroughs, John Waters, Flashdance, Peep Show, hitting bongs, dancing, glam modeling/photography, styling, writing, playing nerdy games.

My Dislikes: Axe products, overcooked meat, squirrels, bathroom lines and smoking bans.

Music: adult., peaches, m.i.a., ella fitzgerald, billie holiday, nina simone, robots in disguise, joy division, iggy pop, led zeppelin, pink floyd, le tigre, gravy train, elliot smith, saves the day, q and not u, neil perry, durrough, missy elliot, o.d.b., fugazi, fiona apple, joni mitchell, radiohead, portishead, bjork, ludacris and so much more.

Movies: Flashdance, Apocolypse Now, Velvet Goldmine, Pink Flamingos, Star Wars, Harry Potter, SLC Punk, A Man Within, Total Recall.

Television: Archer, Seinfeld, Ancient Aliens, Weeds, Rescue Me, That 70's Show, Man Vs. Food, Top Chef

Sport: Football(soccer)

About me

I'm quinn cornchip - model, stylist, exotic dancer and nerd extraordinaire! When I'm not working you can find me in my skivvies tumbling through hot ladies, snuggling with corgis, hitting bongs and snapping photos of my lady friends. Cornchip - Noun, adj. Started off meaning a punk or new wave look. Later, any slightly avant-garde fashions or hair or music.

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