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Age: 30


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World's Sexiest Woman: Keeley, Gwen Stefani, Jakki Degg, Angelina Jolie, Jordan, Ebony.

My Likes: Sexy men with a smidgen of arrogance...there's nothing wrong with older men too..but not TOO old!And of

My Dislikes: Boy Racers, Chavvy Teenagers that hang around Bus Stops, People that believe I want to listen to them using their mobile as a ghetto blaster on the bus.

Music: Funky House and RnB...yes it DOES turn women into gyrating lapdancers on the dancefloor.Fantastic!

Movies: Casino Royale (Hellooo Daniel Craig),City of Angels and There's Something About Mary.

Television: Little Britain, The Catherine Tate Show, TittyBangBang (no it's not porn...sorry), No Angels and Sex And The City.

Sport: Don't be silly.Boxing and that's it.

About me

I am from Birmingham and I love to party, chat far too much and the boyfriend is actually allowed to go to lapdancing establishments..I go with him- how nice am I?Also, I'm really petite and tiny..I wish I had a pound for every bloke that has asked if they could put me in their pocket...boys, as a chat up line- it just won't do.

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