Hilary Duff is so rich. She’s a model, singer, actress, clothes and jewellery designer, author, toy maker, perfume producer, computer game character and - just to be smug - a philanthropist. She’s 22, which is the kind of nauseating thought that will bug the shit out of any man over 20 who dares to turn on the Xbox or watch a nice, relaxing episode of Battlestar Galactica after a tough day in the office.

Our December 2007 cover star has big targets. Not small targets like ‘lose 3lbs’ or ‘get 100 Twitter followers’. No-sir-eee. Hilary Duff wakes up in the morning and writes things like ‘donate $250,000 to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina’ and ‘build a reservoir’ on the fridge. She’s also a figurehead for The Think Before You Speak campaign, which aims to stamp out phrases such as “That’s so Gay”, which is something we say all the time and quite often within earshot of homesexuals.

Like Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets, she makes us want to be a better person. And (as if this were an detail it was possible to overlook) she’s fit.

 Hilary Duff does pilates:

Hilary Duff doing pilates

Hilary Duff does handbags:

Hilary Duff and her handbag

Hilary Duff with blonde hair

Hilary Duff does a dog:

Hilary Duff with her dog

BONUS: Hilary Duff with a scorpion:

Hilary Duff with a scorpion

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Hilary Duff in FHM, October 2007: