We’d like to THANK Hilary Swank, for being such a good person. Here she is in a shoot for American glossy magazine InStyle. She might not be wearing anything too revealing, but she still looks great and you can take that to the BANK, because Hilary Swank is hot. And she’s also very happy.


She might be known for doing serious, Oscar bothering films but in this shoot she’s all happy on a beach eating an apple like she’s in a Bodem catalogue or something. Sitting on a lovely beach wearing a nice jumper having a think about how great things are.


Lucky Hilary Swank, but what’s this? Going to take a lovely photo of your lovely life are you? While wearing a weird black knitted vest? Don’t get that wet Hilary, it will smell terrible and make sure you dry it flat or it will lose its shape. Oh Hilary, you have such a nice life. Do you still speak to Clint much? He seems like a fine man. Wise in many ways. Sorry we’ve gone off message there, our minds wondered because of Hilary Swank. Just sit back and enjoy the pictures please, because Hilary Swank is eating an apple.