Happy July 7! Happy erm... day after, after, after American Independence Day! Why are we so late in wishing our American cousins a happy holiday? Because of Holly Madison that's why. Here on FHM.com we don't dabble in major international events, unless it's the World Cup. But today that's different, because it's a slow girl news day. That's doesn't mean a day about particularly thick women, it means there isn't very many sexy ladies around the web today. Well, except Holly Madison.

Holly is buxom blonde who was Hugh Hefner's number one girlfriend on Girls Next Door. She has also appeared in Playboy magazine and as a Cyber Girl Of The Week. But more importantly she has appeared in a bikini, in a swimming pool. The bikini is red and jaws are dropping all round.

Happy July 7.

And finally here is a lovely gallery of Holly in action. And by 'in action' we mean sitting down posing. GOD BLESS AMERICA!