Any woman that can chase an SUV down the street with a golf club has got a bit of fire in her. Unfortunately for Tiger Woods, it was his 30-year-old ex-model Swedish wife. Elin joined Hillary Clinton on the pantheon of most publicly humilated women ever when revelations of Tiger's sleazeballing broke last year. Nor can she have been too chuffed when his "indefinite" break from golf turned into 'just a few months'. Hopefully, the fact  that she came 65th in this year's 100 Sexiest poll helped cheer her up a bit. That, and the stratospheric $100m divorce settlement she's expected to receive after their divorce was confirmed today.

Elin Nordegren has nice hair

 Elin Nordegren cleavage

Elin Nordegren looking hot in a bandana


Elen Nordegren looking sporty


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Elin Nordegren in a yellow bikini