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Posted by , 07 December 2008

“Instantly he had his hands inside my suit”

“Instantly he had his hands inside my suit”

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    “We kissed while he played with my breasts”

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    “Whipped off my knickers and slipped into me”

I’m an estate agent and last month I was showing a guy around a very plush West London flat. He was young but obviously had a lot of cash behind him and, at the risk of sounding like a money-grabber, it turned me on. The flat was empty but furnished and our outrageous flirting resulted in him asking me out on a date. I didn’t see the point in waiting that long and decided to take him on a guided tour of the kingsize bed.

Instantly he had his hands inside my suit, undoing buttons before going down on me. His tongue against my clit in someone else’s bed drove me potty and I was coming like a banshee and pulling his head into me within minutes. Obviously I rolled over and let him have some fun too, shuffling my legs apart so he could shag me from behind, tugging gently at my hair. Weeks later he ended up buying the flat and I ended up with a huge commission cheque. A good day’s work, methinks.

Posted: K, LONDON

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